“It has been reassuring to have Visivo attached to the negotiations, with the suplier´s. Cause there is no doubt about, that they know what they are talking about. We have purchased the printer´s, almost 50% cheaper than expected. We have also gained a much better contract. Which secure us, both before, under and after the implemention of the new printers. And Visivo is so easy to work with." -Maconomy

With 18 years of experience, we are experts in contracts of MFP´s, copy machines and printers. Visivo advises you, as an purchaser and benchmark your suppliers offer / contract with 500 other client´s contracts. With the determined goal, to help you get the best prices & service-agreement´s, with your own favorite supplier. Result : Typical savings on 30-76%. See our focus areas below.

Get your supplier´s offer benchmarked.

Is your supplier really offering you the best prices ? - Get your suppler´s offer benchmarked with 3.000 other offer´s from the same and other supplier´s. Offers, we have collected from our 500 other client´s, due we have been hired as impartial advisor.  We are used to negotiate with the suppler´s european HQ / european team for international client´s. Our typical savings, for our client´s is  30-76%.

Visivo offers "No cure - no pay ".

Get your present contract analysed.

"Non-transparent contracts" says ALL

our client´s. Get visibility / clarity and analyse your contract on MFP´s, copymachines

& printer´s.  We benchmark the supplier´s prices and SLA ( service level ageement ) and conclude whether they are competetive or not, compared to the market. Hereso, whether you have possibilities on cancellling the whole or part of the contract, accourdingly to the new practis of law. The Danish Supreme Court has recently concluded, that several terms in contracts are against the Danish Law. Terms which Visivo know´s  for a fact, is not clearly described for customers in 9 out of 10 contract´s.

Get your suppliermaterial drafted. Visivo has an great experience in drafting both national and international offer´s for costumers. From A-Z in relation to MFP´s, copy machines & printer´s.  Hereso making indepent print-analyses, which is anchored in YOUR interest´s and not the supplier´s. Visivo has experience with projects for several of denmarks 40 largest companies and international companies, with a contract-value of up to 33,5 million Euro´s.  Accourding to feedback, our costumers would have used 3 times more ressources than Visivo, and still wouldn´t have access to the same knowledge and know-how on terms, which is possible to include in the contract.

Visivo has also other focus areas.

Negotiation of contracts on MFP´s, copy machines & printers are not the only area Visivo has experience in. We also get contacted regarding negotiations on coffee-agreements for companies. A market which also now operates with the same invisibility in contracts as in the market for MFP´s, copymachines and printers.

Ingen besparelse - intet honorar !